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This was a great read that was shared on Twitter this week via @HopewiserLtd. Find out more here:

To begin with, for those of you that may not be aware of the app ‘Grindr’, Grindr is a social networking site that is downloaded and used most commonly by, from what Grindr states: ‘for gay, bi, trans, and qu**r people.’

Since 2009 Grindr has become one of the most accessed apps on a worldwide basis. The app focusses on a location-based approach for users to connect with one another locally, setting perimeters of those using Grindr within a set location radius.

At present the recent article mentioned above; highlights the areas of concerns that are currently under scrutiny. Due to the complexity of the app and the grey terms and conditions when outlining third party usage. There are causes for concern for users of the app when giving consent for usage/access. Increased awareness of this dating style app, leads onto other like-minded apps to be cross examined in the same light.

Have you used an app similar the Grindr, or dating apps where your personal data is stored? We advise that you consider all terms, conditions and privacy policies; to eliminate grey areas where you are unable to give full consent to third party access for such personal information.