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Our client is a tenant of a Housing Association who is currently suffering from Disrepair to her property she took over from her parent in 2019.  Although her landlord is fully aware of these issues within the property prior to her taking over the tenancy; they have continued to ignore the safety concerns and repairs our client has raised for a long period of time.

Our client has lived in this property for many years, with it being passed through the generations, the memories are the only thing that has kept her in the property for so long.  We were approached by Miss A via our social media, when she saw an advert of how we can help those renting in social and council houses where there are aspects of disrepair.

Upon the initial call with the client we built up a good rapport, discussing the current pandemic which is when she highlighted that she in fact is a key worker, working numerous hours to ensure the safety of our communities are maintained during COVID’19.  We discussed the repairs and as the call continued we were astounded with the number of issues Miss A highlighted within her property.

Here are few that where highlighted:

  • Suspected asbestos in the living room ceiling
  • Suffers with leaks especially when it rains
  • Lots of damp throughout the property
  • Mould build up on the walls
  • No spindles in the banister
  • Only x1 door inside of the property not including any external doors
  • There is a case of rats
  • The property is very cold, which has increased her weekly outgoings for heating costs
  • Electrical issues
  • Numerous holes in the walls
  • Ceiling has fell through into her bath

The above is only to name a few.  We could not believe the extent of the disrepair our client was having to live in.  Your home should be a place where you can come home to at the end of a hard day’s work, to relax, enjoy and most of all feel safe, but there is nothing within this property that withholds these qualities.

Our client opened up and said that her living conditions, on top of her current mental health state with then trying to hold down a fast-paced job along with everyday family life, it has most definitely affected her health mentally.

The stress of everyday life one endures should not be further affected by poor housing provided by the council. We are so glad that Miss A has reached out to us, we can certainly help her with all aspects of Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.  Acting on behalf as her solicitor we will ensure that this case does not go unnoticed supporting not only our client, but our key worker too.