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Toe amputation results in £55,000 compensation for our client

Toe amputation results in £55,000 compensation for our client

Our client, at the time of the incident was working as a machine operator within a medium sized firm.  Our client had been employed by the firm for many years, working a full time role, operating in shift patterns, handling machinery on a daily basis.

On the day of the incident, our client was operating machinery within the firm.  Alongside our client, a colleague was working with another piece of machinery which acted as a ‘crusher’.  This piece of machinery was an electronically operated piece of equipment; which at the time was being remotely handled by the work colleague.  Unfortunately the crusher was accidentally operated to fall onto the left foot of our client.

As a result of this high powered and heavy piece of machinery, our client underwent surgery to amputate his left great toe.  The surgery left our client being unable to work for eight months; which also had an effect on his future role within the business.  Upon returning to work, our clients role required a slight change due to the foot injury; ensuring less time was spent upright on his feet, preventing weight on the injured foot.

High Street Solicitors successfully recovered the sum of £55,000 in relation to the injury inflicted in the work place for our client.  An accident at work can not only have detrimental affects to one’s body, but the aftermath of mental strains, loss of work and monies as a result are all contributions of an accident at work claim; all of which are taken into account by our team when instructing on such cases.