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Social housing tenant living in a home with an excess of £30,000 worth of disrepair

Social housing tenant living in a home with an excess of £30,000 worth of disrepair

High Street Solicitors have recently won a case for a tenant of a social Landlord.

The tenant had been living in damp and mouldy conditions, as well as draughty windows.  This had a major negative effect on the tenant’s life, making him depressed and embarrassed to have anyone visit his home in this condition.  The tenant had been reporting the disrepair to his Landlord since 2010, yet they failed to take any action on the repair work that was required.  As a result of the Landlord’s refusal to do any works, the tenant contacted High Street Solicitors in December 2018 for legal assistance.

Within a matter of days, High Street Solicitors had sent a formal letter to the Landlord, setting out the tenant’s claim and advising them of tenant’s intention to bring a legal claim for the housing disrepair.  Within a month, a surveyor had been to the tenant’s property and prepared a report, setting out the areas of disrepair and the remedial works required, which the surveyor estimated would cost in excess of £30,000.00.  The Landlord defended the action, stating that the disrepair was not their responsibility, as they alleged that it was not due to the structure of the property.  Their surveyor identified remedial works would cost £594.00.

The Landlord challenged the tenant’s claim throughout.  However, it was in June this year that High Street Solicitors managed to secure compensation for the tenant in the sum of £2,800.00, together with an order for the Landlord to carry out structural repairs to the property, which will bring the property to the correct legal standards.
Our client is very happy with the outcome of the result, exclaiming that he will be able to use his house like a home and will feel relaxed enough to have guests over; which he previously would not feel comfortable enough to do.