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Police Officer receives £26,000 for bicycle incident

Police Officer receives £26,000 for bicycle incident

Mr J, a Police officer from Kent was involved in a serious accident whilst on his bicycle.

The defendant was coming from the oncoming direction and suddenly turned right and across the path of Mr J. Our client suffered a fractured vertebra and required extensive rehabilitation, but thankfully made a full recovery from his injuries.

The incident left our client unable to work for a period of time and had led to our client to seek counselling for the mental trauma the incident had endured; learning new coping mechanisms and techniques to help during anxious times, especially when cycling again.
Here at High Street Solicitors, focus is not only on the physical injuries when working on a personal injury claim; but on the mental aspects too. The mental side of an injury leads to many other outcomes, which is a large part of the rehabilitation process.
A successful outcome of a personal injury claim, will not only provide a client with financial losses they may have incurred if time off work was required; but the loss of enjoyment in everyday life due to the incident and its affects afterwards.

Mr J as a result of the above, was awarded with £26,000 compensation and made a full recovery physically, with ongoing treatment for the mental strains the accident caused.

If you have been in simialr circumstances to Mr J, please contact us here.