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£10,000 recovered for Widow

£10,000 recovered for Widow

Our client Mr A, contacted High Street Solicitors in 2018, confirming that he had suffered detrimental injuries whilst being admitted in hospital.

Mr A was a local client of ours in Liverpool and had been admitted to an NHS hospital following an accident at home where he fell down the stairs. Whilst admitted in hospital, Mr A underwent investigations which included a CT scan of his head and x-rays and as a result, no injuries were identified but Mr A remained in hospital.

A day later since being admitted, Mr A attempted to get out of his hospital bed and fell to the floor. A further CT scan showed a fracture to the left side of his neck (C1 left cervical vetebra). Subsequent to this, our clients health deteriorated thereon and unfortunately, Mr A sadly passed away a year later due to an unrelated matter.

The NHS accepted that there was a failure to complete a fall prevention plan for Mr A and had the appropriate risk assessments taken place, on the balance of probabilities, the claimant would not have fallen and incurred such injuries. Mr A’s widow received a sum of £10,000 compensation on his behalf.

If you would like to make a claim for such circumstances, please get in touch with us and one of our representatives will assist you.