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July Japanese Knotweed Settlement in excess of £10,000

July Japanese Knotweed Settlement in excess of £10,000

Our most recent Japanese Knotweed settlement resulted in a claim that was worth in excess of £10,000 for our client.

The defendant in this circumstance is National Rail; which to us here at High Street is the most common ground for Japanese Knotweed growth.  Such plant has a tenancy to grow from such land occupied by National Rail.  The surrounding areas of the land tends to not be well kept; which therefore gives such plant like Japanese Knotweed freedom to grow untouched.

The growth of this plant in question, is substantial.  Each year the plant spreads the more damage it can inhibit on ground works and properties alike.  This is what happened within our recent Japanese Knotweed settlement.

Our Welsh client approached us, having complained about this nuisance plant growth on his land from National Rail for over 15 years.  The extent of this plants rapid growth had caused it to encroach over 4 metres onto our client’s property boundaries.  Enough was enough for our client to no resolution from National Rail; we were instructed to act upon our client’s behalf in order to eradicate this problem.

Not only is the plant a nuisance to dispose of it can cause:

  • Detrimental effects to the property structure itself
  • Can cause a diminution in value to the property
  • Can cause issues when remortgaging requests are put forward
  • Concluding with a loss of enjoyment of one’s personal boundaries; preventing full enjoyment.

In the first instance, treatment costs are invaluable to the client in order to treat the Japanese Knotweed on the client’s land.  To prevent it from growing any further and allowing the client to have the full enjoyment of his property once again, this treatment is vital.  The treatment costs should include 10 year back guarantee; which would enable the client to sell his property/re-mortgage more freely than before treatment.

Court proceedings were not issued in this case, as the Defendant made offers to settle the claim, the final of the claimant’s claim was worth in excess of £10,000.

If you are having issues with such plant from neighboring land, please get in touch with us here.