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MOD compensates British Soldier £37,000 for sustaining injuries from inside barracks

MOD compensates British Soldier £37,000 for sustaining injuries from inside barracks

This was a claim against the Ministry of Defence. The client was serving in the British Army and living in barracks located in the UK. He was subject to bullying and taunting from other soldiers in his barracks, his kit was regularly ransacked and videos were posted to Facebook by senior officers of the bullying, whom did not help him or prevent future attacks from occurring.

Our client received numerous taunts by his fellow soldiers examples of these are; being forced to drink a pint of urine, repeatedly tied up and forced under the water of a bath tub, limiting our client from being able to breath. The clients personal possessions would be trashed and other soldiers would defecate in his bed, all to humiliate and to degrade our client; resulting in mental and physical abuse, all within British barracks.
Our client was asleep in his barracks one night when he was awoken by other soldiers and dragged from his bed by his legs, pinned down and beaten up. He was kicked and punched repeatedly, had things thrown at him and on one occasion was hit with a radiator. Our client was left bloodied and bruised on the floor when the assailants came back to continue the assault.

The claimant developed severe bruising and grazing to the face, chipped tooth, pain and temporary loss of hearing, bruising to the chest, back, arms and legs, hairline fracture of the skull and was diagnosed with PTSD. As a result, the claimant was discharged from the Army.

We were able to ensure the client receives psychological treatment in addition to compensation in the sum of £37,000.
The soldiers were convicted of ABH and served their sentences at a military corrective training centre.

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