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Mental Health Worker Awarded £16,000

Mental Health Worker Awarded £16,000

Our client was a Mental Health nurse who worked for one the UK’s largest independent health care providers that cared for patients who have mental health problems, learning difficulties and brain injuries.

Our client was asked to help restrain a distressed patient, when she was attacked and pulled to the floor by the patient. Such force made our client land heavily on her left side, which followed with immediate pain.

Our client attended hospital where scans revealed an injury to the scapho-lunate ligament as well as a tear and perforation in the cartilage ligament; which required surgery to remove reactive tissue in the wrist.

As a result of the incident, our client was no longer able to work as a mental health nurse and was put on restrictive duties. Our client suffers from ongoing pain, weakness and cold hyper-sensitivity; for which we were able to arrange physiotherapy to aid the recovery.
It is likely our client will require further surgery in the future to shorten a bone in her forearm; which is something that the doctors are assessing on a regular basis.

Our client’s employer did not have the appropriate risk assessments in place, to prevent such harm, we obtained an award of £16,000 compensation for our client via her workplace.

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