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Social Landlord Compensates Tenant with £2,000

Social Landlord Compensates Tenant with £2,000

This week, High Street Solicitors successfully won a case at Trial for one of their clients against a Social Landlord.

The court imposed terms on the Landlord that they are to carry out various works to the tenant’s property, in order to bring it back to a legally acceptable standard.  In addition, the Landlord is ordered to pay the tenant compensation of £2,000, for the period of time that she has lived in disrepair, affecting her enjoyment of the property.  Such works are to be completed within 56 days, as ordered by the court.

Despite High Street’s client reporting disrepair since 2018, the Landlord had maintained throughout that they were not responsible for any repair works.  However, High Street Solicitors successfully brought this claim to Trial and achieved a positive outcome for their client.

High Street, as part of their ongoing client care will also continue to monitor the works carried out by the Landlord, to ensure that they are completed within the timescale ordered by the court and to an acceptable standard.

If you are experiencing disrepair issues within your council or social housing property, contact us today.