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£7,400 Japanese Knotweed Settlement – Swansea

£7,400 Japanese Knotweed Settlement – Swansea

Our Japanese Knotweed client Mrs L, has lived in her property for a number of years in Swansea with her husband. The couple brought their two children up here over the years. After the loss of Mrs L’s husband, the property was put into all parties’ names, Mrs L and her two children.

Japanese knotweed had been a persistent issue for Mrs L, with the encroachment worsening each year after each seasons vast growth. Attempts to highlight the knotweed issues where raised on numerous occasions to the housing association, who own the land where the knotweed originated from. To no avail these concerns where ignored and refusal for treatment and growth maintained with no change.

This plant had been growing for a number of years wild on a housing associations land, as knotweed can grow very tall; in this circumstance the knotweed had grown much taller than Mrs L’s garden fence. Reaching over 5ft high, the plant was an eye sore; not to mention the damage the plant can withhold from its strong long roots.

Mrs L wanted to ensure that her property, (which would be left to her children); would not be affected by the diminution of value, or structural damage Japanese knotweed can cause.  This is when High Street Solicitors where instructed by Mrs L, to prevent such negative impacts on the home and property boundaries for the future; ensuring the stigma attached to knotweed was resolved.

Following usual procedures with the defendant in question, we were left with no choice but to issue court proceedings in this matter.  Following from this, the defendant confirmed that the treatment would commence with immediate effect on their land. This would prevent further encroachment, thus potential claims for the Japanese knotweed being made against them in the future if not eradicated.

This settlement resulted in £7,400 worth of damages for our client, which our client was very happy with. Mrs L outlined that she now knew she had full security of works being carried out and her property will not be affected by the stigma attached to such plant. The end goal for Mrs L was to ensure the future of her children and their inheritance was not jeopardised by the housing associations lack of care to their land. This problem will now be eradicated thanks to High Street Solicitors.

If you have been affected by Japanese knotweed and are concerned about future encroachment, please contact us.