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Elderly Couple Win Over £1,600 In Housing Disrepair Claim

Elderly Couple Win Over £1,600 In Housing Disrepair Claim

Our clients where an elderly couple who had been reporting disrepair issues to their landlord the citizen housing located in Coventry; since 2015.

The couple lived in a one bedroom flat in Coventry, where the disrepair issues where was causing our clients stress and anxiety. Feeling a lack of support from their landlord.

The landlord in this instance wanted to make an early offer as soon as we where instructed. In order to confirm their offer was for a reasonable amount, we instructed our surveyor to review the repairs required in the property; who agreed that the offer put forward was an acceptable amount to proceed with and settle.

We ensured our clients property repairs where brought up the correct standards, and our clients where rewarded with £1,605.98 in damages.

The main issues that where present in the property where, mould and damp; which had consequently left water residue marks on the ceiling and walls in the affected areas.

Although these issues may seem small to some, it is not something you have to live with, and continuing to live with issues like this can cause health implications and a loss of enjoyment of your home. There are standard landlords must adhere to, therefore you have a right to claim if your reports are being ignored.