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Client Awarded £1,500 for Poorly Insulated Rental Property

Client Awarded £1,500 for Poorly Insulated Rental Property

Our client was awarded £1,500.00 in damages from local Council in Radcliffe, Stoke On Trent.

Our client had been reporting disrepair issues to his first floor flat since 2016, but to no avail the Council continued to ignore their tenants pleas.

Living in a poorly insulated one bedroom flat alone, had caused our client with much stress and loss of enjoyment of his home.

Due to the flat being very poorly insulated, this had led to excessive mould to appear and spread throughout the property. The landlord, being a local Council in Radcliffe, had a duty of care to ensure the property is brought up to the correct living standards for rental circumstances.

After continued requests to the Council, our client instructed ourselves to act on his behalf to pursue a Housing Disrepair Claim. We were preparing to issue proceedings when the Defendant made an offer which was above the top end of our valuation – our client accepted.

We ensured all works necessary to remove the mould where scheduled and guaranteed future preventatives where put in place for our clients peace of mind.

After 5 years of previous neglect to the property; our client feels fully satisfied with the outcome of his Housing Disrepair Claim, he is pleased with the outcome of settlement and works put it place to bring it up to legal standards.

*images supplied are actual images of the mould in our clients property upon surveyor review*