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Sandwell Council Compensates Our Client £1,000.00 For Disrepair Issues

Sandwell Council Compensates Our Client £1,000.00 For Disrepair Issues

A tenant of Sandwell Council, Oldbury; had been reporting disrepair issues since 2019 before instructing ourselves to act on her behalf as her solicitor.

A single mother of three children of ages 7 years and under; are living in a three bedroom semi detached property and have been for many years.

The property was poorly insulated, which led to excessive mould. There was also defective windows and doors which contributed to the lack of security and insulation required to keep the house warm.

Our client reported that her and her children suffered frequently from colds, which she believed to be a result from the disrepair in the property.

After our surveyor assessed the property and provided an accurate valuation of compensation, the clients landlord inspected the property and produced a lower offer.

After negotiations we where able to obtain a sum of £1,000.00 in damages for our client; an increased amount of the original counter offer the landlord previously supplied.

Following the above, the works required to bring the property up to date where underway. Our client feels much more secure in her home, confirming that the compensation and once the works have been completed; this will ensure her and her family will reside in a rental home that meets the legal standards. Preventing future repercussions of the common cold to occur as frequently as they did before.


*image supplied from our surveyor upon inspection of our clients home-actual image*