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Data Breach win of £1,500 For Our Client; Against Former Care Home Employer

Data Breach win of £1,500 For Our Client; Against Former Care Home Employer

Our client was off work due to illness in September 2020, after returning to work our client began to feel unwell again and underwent a Covid’19 test to see if the illness was related to the world renowned pandemic virus.

Over a week later the test came back positive, which was highlighted to our clients employer.  Since the announcement to the employer, there where numerous social media conversations surrounding our clients positive test result from members of the public in our clients local area.

After isolating at home, until the illness passed; our client returned to work however, our clients manager advised her not to attend. Our client was bemused as to why.

Our client then received a call from her Mother (who was a previous employee of the Care Home too) who advised that she had received a call from the Care Home, advising that a termination of contract letter was sent to the wrong address for our client; which would be re sent to the correct address. Therefore, there would be no reason for our client to attend the place of work moving forward.

Our client had to retrieve the letter from a neighbour to view the full termination details, and since then did not have any other communications with the employer, nor did her Mother.

Due to the above, our client suffered mental strains due to the exposure of her Covid’19 result on social media; along with the termination of contract being sent to an incorrect address.

Our client kept a low profile, suffering from anxiety and become very nervous particularly surrounding pending responses from the public; which was heightened by the announcement of our clients Covid’19 result in a local Facebook group on social media. As to be expected, the stigma along with losing a job during a pandemic hit our client hard.

This is when our client decided to take legal action. We pursued a data breach claim against the defendant in question (Care Home, located in Southampton) who admitted liability of the termination letter being posted to an incorrect address; which compensated our client £1,500 in damages.

A data breach claim not only looks at the breach at hand, but the mental strains and losses of general life the breach has caused. All aspects are reviewed when undertaking a data breach claim.