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Cavity Wall Insulation Win of £8,000.00

Cavity Wall Insulation Win of £8,000.00

We successfully recovered the sum of £8,000.00 for our client after a lengthy dispute with the company that originally installed his Cavity Wall Insulation back in 2015.

Due to the defendant denying liability, court proceedings were necessary to take place in order to progress the claim. After the installer carried out their inspection, they agreed his property was not suitable for the type of insulation that had been installed and supplied back in 2015. Which, therefore resulted in significant damp issues.

The continued growth of mould and damp forced our client to re-decorate his property on repeated occasions; which became a costly, time consuming task to undertake on a regular basis. Thus, resulted in our client, experiencing loss of enjoyment to his home, due to the inadequate cavity wall insulation that was installed.

The settlement recovered for our client will ensure that the insulation removed as well as compensating our client for the inconvenience caused over the last 5 years.


What is a Cavity Wall Claim?

Within a property there must be adequate insulation in order to maintain property and human health.  If a property is not properly insulated, the property will show signs of mould and damp. Mould and damp can cause health implications if left untreated. Continued damp progressing within a property can cause structural problems.
If cavity wall insulation is added to a property for insulation purposes and is not adequate/installed correctly, then water can leak into walls which will resulted in damp patches to occur and will eventually turn into mould which can become toxic.  In the event of poor cavity wall insulation, you are entitled to make a claim to against the company that originally installed the insulation.

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