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Manchester Council Tenant Awarded Over £2,500.00 Due To Serious Water Damage

Manchester Council Tenant Awarded Over £2,500.00 Due To Serious Water Damage

Our client has successfully won a claim against his Manchester landlord due to housing disrepair issues to her rental home.

Our client lives in a three bedroomed terraced house in Oldbury Manchester; renting from the local Council within that area.  Our client had been reporting the disrepair issues since March 2017, which where ignored and not resolved.

Main issues where:

  • Water damage
  • Mould
  • Damp
  • Disrepair and water damage to the interior of the property due to the above points

As the water damage became a serious problem that continued to progress without being resolved. The further repercussions that water damage poses encouraged other damages to arise creating more and more disrepair issues.

The damages to the property has had a detrimental effect on our clients mental well being, causing inconvenient stress over the past few years.

Upon a surveyors review, we made an opening offer to the defendant, which was accepted without negotiations. This immediate resolution was a pleasing outcome for our client who had been living with the serious interior wall damage. (As seen in the image in this article)

Acting on behalf of our client, we ensured the works necessary to bring the property up to standard where scheduled and completed. Guaranteeing our client was awarded compensation for the loss of enjoyment to her home, for the years since initial reports took place to her landlord.

*image used in this article is actual imagery taken by our surveyor – copyright of High Street Solicitors*