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Patient of The Hospital Group Pursues Data Breach Claim

Patient of The Hospital Group Pursues Data Breach Claim

A patient at Transform Hospital Group – the UK weight loss and cosmetic surgery group that suffered a data security breach in December – has spoken about the anxiety and distress at having her before and after pictures leaked to hackers, along with a list of her personal details.

Our client who is 30 years of age, visited Transform Hospital Group in 2015 and 2019 to have breast augmentation surgeries.

Currently left “truly unhappy” with her breasts, this data breach has further added to her anxiety and distress that she’s faced since her first surgery six years ago and is now being represented by ourselves in a bid to sue Transform Hospital Group.

The first time our client visited the surgery was following substantial weight loss which left her with much smaller breasts and seeking advice.

Transform Hospital Group recommended breast augmentation which she underwent in 2015, but she soon discovered that the surgeon had suggested the wrong implant for her frame and 12 months after her surgery, she was unhappy with the results as they “didn’t look or sit right”.

During her 12 month post-op check-up, our client who is a salon owner from Edinburgh, was told that the implants were in fact wrong in terms of size and for her frame and the surgeon should never have used them during her operation.

After several second opinions from surgeons at Transform Hospital Group, and an escalation to Head Office, the cosmetic surgery specialists agreed that the implant was incorrect and that they required her to cover the costs of the new implant but not for the surgery to change them.

Our client was happy to go ahead and have them changed, but after unexpectedly falling pregnant, she held off on having the surgery until after her baby was born in 2019.

She had the surgery and after reassurance that this breast augmentation would leave her much happier with her appearance, however our client now hates her boobs more than ever.

Following several cancelled second opinion appointments at the clinic, our client has finally seen another specialist in the Glasgow clinic and has been advised that she’d now need fat transfer into her breasts.  Her previous two surgeries have caused the skin around her breasts to ripple and so the specialist said she’d also need fat transfer into her breasts to reduce this – and what’s worse is that this time around, Transform Hospital Group expects our client to now foot the bill.

She said: “My experience with Transform Hospital Group has been a nightmare from start to finish and the data breach is yet another stress and worry for me.

“It’s highlighted my anxieties around the procedures and made the situation a hundred times worse. The hackers could had access to my before and after photos, as well as my name, address, telephone number, medical history, date of birth and details of my operations – it’s feels like a huge violation of privacy.”

She added: “I’m already very unhappy with the outcome of both procedures and at the prospect of having to have corrective surgery to finally get the result I wanted in the first place – I’m currently more insecure than I’ve ever been and for those before and after pictures to potentially be in the hands of a hacker is really disturbing.”

Thomas Hardwick, Director of High Street Solicitors, said: “The Hospital Group data breach is an example of how personal data can be exposed due to weak data security handling. The lack of proper security measures or due diligence carried out by a data controller/data processor can have devastating effects on an individual’s privacy and mental health. Organisations that are controlling and processing personal details must have robust processes in place to ensure incidents like this do not occur.”

High Street Solicitors are representing multiple clients that have suffered a data breach via Transform – The Hospital Group and urges anyone who is concerned to contact us direct.