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FSCS Publish Web Page Dedicated To Former British Steel Pension Members

FSCS Publish Web Page Dedicated To Former British Steel Pension Members

13 firms have been listed that are known to have previously advised British Steel Pension members to transfer out, which are now in default, meaning that the responsibility lies with the FSCS to recover losses incurred due to negligent transfer advice.

These firms are as follows:

  1. Active Wealth (UK)
  2. Bartholomew Hawkins Ltd
  3. Douglas Baillie Ltd
  4. Estate Matters Financial
  5. Fiducia Wealth Solutions
  6. Hyde Financial Management
  7. Intuitive Financial Associates LLP
  8. Intuitive Associates Ltd
  9. Mansion Park Ltd
  10. Omega Financial Solutions
  11. Pembrokeshire Mortgage Centre
  12. S&M Hughes Ltd
  13. The Ntrust group

The FSCS has published a new web page that is dedicated to former members of the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS). (here) The webpage will hopefully provide a platform for steelworkers that are unsure if they have been mis-advised. The page went live on 19th May 2021, and specifically asks former members to ‘consider making a claim’ even if they are happy with their decision to transfer out.

The website states: ‘Was your pension in the old British Steel Pension Scheme? You might be owed money if you transferred out,’
‘You could be one of the many people due compensation after receiving unsuitable advice to transfer out of the BSPS. Hundreds of steelworkers have already complained about the advice they received from an advice firm. ‘Even if you’re happy with your decision to transfer, you should consider making a claim. If you don’t, you may end up with less money in retirement than you should have done.’

We have assisted many client with claims alike, if you require our help in pursuing a claim in to attempt to recover potential losses please do not hesitate to get in touch.