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As Seen Tn The Mirror – Mum Receives £2,500.00 For Mould Ridden Council Flat

As Seen Tn The Mirror – Mum Receives £2,500.00 For Mould Ridden Council Flat

The tenant couldn’t use the third bedroom as the hole in the floor made it too dangerous.

A tenant of Hornsey Estate has been awarded £2,500 after living in inhabitable conditions.

The flat, which had disrepairs including a cockroach infestation in the kitchen, damp, mould, a broken fire alarm and a huge hole in the floor of the third bedroom, will have its the issues resolved thanks to Liverpool-based law firm High Street Solicitors.

Kathleen Napier, a mother-of-three, sought legal advice from High Street Solicitors after complaining to Islington Council since February 2018. The firm ensured the works are brought up to legal standards as well as securing £2,500 in compensation for the tenant. Kathleen has also been granted a permanent transfer to a new property.

Her flat on Hornsey Estate had become so run down that she was unable to use her third bedroom as the floor had a huge crack in it and had become sunken making it too dangerous to stay in.

In addition, the flat also had damp and mould in the hallway, living room and two other bedrooms, as well as a cockroach infestation in the kitchen.

The flat had a broken fire alarm, the floor needed replacing in the kitchen, as well as broken kitchen cabinets and the extraction fan also didn’t work.

Ventilation was needed in the hallway and two of the bedrooms and the exterior walls had cracks or bricks missing as well as leaking drain pipes due to lack of maintenance.

High Street Solicitor’s Housing Head of Department, Larissa Ellis, said:

“It’s absolutely unacceptable that a tenant would have to live in these uninhabitable conditions. The third bedroom is a health hazard as the floor is incredibly dangerous, and a broken fire alarm poses a serious risk to the family. The cockroach infestation, mould, damp and lack of ventilation further add to the unsatisfactory state of the property.

“Kathleen had been complaining to the landlord to have the property brought up to a habitable standard, without avail, and was left with no other option but to seek legal advice. We are very happy that we could help her; ensuring that she is permanently transferred to a different property, she is compensated, and the disrepair is resolved for the next tenant. The team and I urge anyone living in a similar situation to contact our team for advice.”

Kathleen Napier added: “I would recommend High Street Solicitors to any one who is going through this too.”