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Housing Ombudsman Finds Severe Maladministration

Housing Ombudsman Finds Severe Maladministration

Upon reading the latest news update on Inside Housing, this story highlights the numerous reasons as to why we urge members of the public who rent from social or council landlords. This is a prime example of why seeking legal advice is usually the best route when pursuing housing disrepair issues in the home.

In this story in particular there were “significant and avoidable” delays in dealing with the repairs. It also found that the landlord’s record-keeping had “extensive issues”.

We have come across similar circumstances whereby landlords are ignoring their tenants pleas for repairs, and simply not abiding by the laws set to protect tenants health and safety.

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and The Fitness For Habitation Act 2019, are acts whereby ensure the property in question is up to the legal stands for human habitation. This also protects the tenants, health and well-being ensuring that the property is not causing inconvenience and health and safety issues for not only the tenant but everyone who resides in the property.

In this story in particular the housing ombudsman were involved aiming to pursue the rightful outcome for this tenant. The repairs required including: a leaking roof, rotten window frames, blown plaster and damaged artex. These issues had initially been reported in 2019 and were still not fully resolved in late 2021. The authority offered the resident £100 compensation, but the ombudsman did not judge this reasonable for the inconvenience and distress caused, this resulted in a counter offer of over £2,000.00.

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If you would like to pursue a housing disrepair claim and need to seek legal help, get in touch. We will aim to obtain you the compensation you deserve along with a plan in place for the repairs to be fixed and brought up to the correct standards.