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£2000.00 Awarded to Croyden Mother After 13 Years Of Living In Damp Orbit Group Home

£2000.00 Awarded to Croyden Mother After 13 Years Of Living In Damp Orbit Group Home

A Croydon mother has been awarded £2,000 in compensation after living with damp and mould in every room in her two-bedroom house in Garrick Crescent. Our client had also reported:

  1. A leak under her sink
  2. A damaged sink unit
  3. No extractor fan in the kitchen
  4. A broken extractor fan in the bathroom
  5. A broken, leaking boiler

Our client been complaining to her housing association, ‘Orbit Group’, for four years and having been ignored, she felt there was no alternative than to seek legal advice from ourselves. The mother, who has been living in the house for 13 years in total, has now been compensated £2,000. A term of the accepted offer is that repairs will be carried out in an agreed timeframe.

The process for evaluating the damages within the property, we instruct our professional surveyors, who in which found that the property had previously had leaks which had affected the bedrooms, hallway, bathroom and living room.
Damp remained within the property and the surveyor believed the property was in breach of Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and the Section 10 of the Fitness for Human Habitation Act, the property is not reasonably suitable for occupation.

The tenant explained: “I’ve been living in this house for a long time and have repeatedly reported various issues over the years. Previous leaks have caused damage to all of the rooms, with damp and mould in every room within the house. The leaks had also caused the sink unit to break and vinyl flooring to lift but I’m so relieved to now be having the damages taken care of. I can’t thank High Street Solicitors enough for their help.’

Larissa Ellis, Head of Housing at High Street Solicitors, said: “For a tenant to be living in these uninhabitable conditions is unacceptable. In this case, our client had been complaining for a number of years and nothing had been done to resolve the disrepair she was facing inside her home. I’m delighted that myself and the team could resolve these issues and would urge anyone experiencing similar living conditions to contact us. No one should be living with disrepair issues, certainly not for a prolonged period of time without resolution.”

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