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Housing Associations Plan Disrepair Surveys To Rectify Tenants Homes

Housing Associations Plan Disrepair Surveys To Rectify Tenants Homes

Disrepair within tenanted properties has been widely reported and has recently been in the spotlight on mainstream media platforms, such as BBC News. One of our clients featured on BBC News to document the disrepair he was living in. View the BBC One Lunchtime News report here. As a result, associations have been vigilant and prompt with inspections of homes, in order to assess the properties current level of disrepair, however these inspections will not be a quick fix.

It has been reported that Notting Hill Genesis and GreenSquaredAccord have set out a plan of action to review a number of homes and complete a full survey to obtain a proper evaluation on the condition of these homes; with GreenSquared undertaking stock condition survey of 25,000 homes, according to Housing Minister Eddie Hughes.

Inside Housing have elaborated that the director of assets and sustainability at NHG has confirmed that from the 66,000 homes, they intend to undertake surveys within the next two years. This resolution has come about due to their current statistics only being 66% accurate as stated in the article.

It was highlighted in the article that the London based landlord raised concerns at a Brighton conference, that there are more disrepair cases open than there are being closed, which is a concerning realisation for tenants across the country. The overall aims for associations aiming to resolve the poignant issues; are to take a proactive approach to current disrepair and to ensure preventative measures are in place to reduce the number of disrepair cases being received.

High Street Solicitors, have helped many clients pursue Housing Disrepair Claims, due to the lack of support and help from their landlords when disrepair concerns are being raised. Many tenants are unaware of their rights when renting a property. There are in acts in place to protect tenants and to ensure the health and safety of thousands of members of the public.

Disrepair issues not only affect a properties structure and appearance, but they can also influence the tenants physical and mental health. For example, living in poor conditions and being embarrassed to have friends and family to visit can cause someone to have low moods, stress, and anxiety. Health conditions such as asthma can arise or be aggravated by mould being present in the home, this can be especially concerning if there are young children living in the property. All of the above would be considered when making a housing disrepair claim and clients will be advised accordingly depending on their circumstances.  We urge the public to seek legal advice if they have exhausted their landlords’ complaints procedure and are still living in disrepair. Our main aim is to ensure that the property is repaired and is a safe place to live. This recent article mentioned above, is an encouraging start to ensure tenants of housing associations are living in homes that comply with the law, and most importantly that these situations are prevented in the future.