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Isobel’s Internship Experience at High Street Solicitors

Isobel’s Internship Experience at High Street Solicitors

Isobel’s Experience

Coming to the end of my internship with High Street Solicitors, I am extremely grateful with how much I have been welcomed by the whole team. I’ve learnt so much about the daily workload of solicitors, executives and assistants, which is experience that will help navigate my legal career in the future.

Having experience in four different legal departments was really eye-opening for me, as it allowed me to learn about areas of law I had not yet discovered. Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and embraced me as part of the team for four weeks, it has been great getting to know everyone!


High Street Solicitors advocate giving students the opportunity to experience the potential environment that they could be a part of in the future as well as the opportunity to utilise their learning in practice. We recognise the importance of employability skills such as communication, team work and time management, the skills are instilled in our interns to allow them to understand how vital such skills are to daily activities.

HSS specialises in a variety of areas of Civil Litigation and ensure that the students who are given the opportunity, are exposed to these areas. HSS’ approach is to be as flexible to the students current student life schedule as possible; whether they’re in the midst of their studies or at the end of the academic year.

Our hope is to encourage these students to consider High Street Solicitors as potential workplace for them in the future but our priority is to consider their prospective futures as Solicitors, Barristers and Judges, by giving them the earliest opportunity to grow into the individual they will be. HSS want to be a positive influence the legal community and help the careers of the prospective lawyers.