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£85,000.00 Recovered Due To Negligent Advice Provided On a Defined Benefit Transfer
Data Breach – Royal London Breaches Client’s Personal Documents
South Yorkshire Police Breaches Employers Details
Metropolitan Police Commits Data Breach Incident To Employer
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Are You Eligible To Make A Japanese Knotweed Claim?
How To Identify Japanese Knotweed Throughout The Seasons
Young Investors Warned By FCA Over Risky Investments
£85,000.00 Secured For Negligent Pension Transfer Advice
Over £60,000.00 Recovered Due To The Negligent Advice For A Defined Benefit Transfer
Scammers Exploit Savers Out of £135 Million During Lockdown
South London Flats – Worst Council Housing Conditions Ever Seen
Outrage Over Accepted DB Transfers Via Banned IFA
The Difference Between Personal & Sensitive Data
A Landlords Duty of Care To Their Tenants
Bounty The Parenting Company Exposes Over 34 Million Users’ Data In 2019 Breach
Personal Data Shared Between Councils In Error Results In Data Breach Claim
FCA Aim To Prevent Financial Scams Online
Leak to bedroom leads to £1,000+ from London Council for our client
Approx. £6m FSCS payouts in Liberty SIPP claims
Patient of The Hospital Group Pursues Data Breach Claim
Manchester Council Tenant Awarded Over £2,500.00 Due To Serious Water Damage
Cavity Wall Insulation Win of £8,000.00
Birmingham City Council Compensates our Client £1,500.00
Data Breach win of £1,500 For Our Client; Against Former Care Home Employer
Sandwell Council Compensates Our Client £1,000.00 For Disrepair Issues
Client Awarded £1,500 for Poorly Insulated Rental Property
£53,000+ Recovered In Respect Of Defined Benefit Transfer Advice
Elderly Couple Win Over £1,600 In Housing Disrepair Claim
Tenant who reported disrepair issues for over 3 years to landlord, wins case in 4 months