Housing Disrepair

What is Housing Disrepair?

According to the Housing Law, your landlord is required to keep your home in a safe, habitable condition. Under Section 11 of The Landlord Tenant Act of 1985, if your landlord does not help maintain your property, you could be eligible to make a claim. All tenants, if you rent through a private Landlord, Housing Association or Local Council could be entitled.

What Responsibilities Does Your Landlord Have?

Every landlord that rents out a residential property in the UK has strict responsibilities in terms of what they must maintain, and how well. In case a landlord fails to fulfil these responsibilities, the tenant has a reason to claim for housing disrepair damages. The following are some of the things that the landlord is obliged to maintain and/or repair:

Any exterior damage to the property, walls, windows and the roof.
All plumbing which includes baths, sinks, toilets and drains must be maintained. This also includes the fresh water system.
Maintaining and repairing gas appliances like heaters and cookers.
The maintenance of the hot water system which includes the boiler and any radiators .
The Landlord must also ensure all the electricity in the house is safe and working well.

There are several areas in which a tenants can make a Housing Disrepair claim. Below are some of the following:

Personal items: If the Landlord fails to maintain certain aspects of the house and any personal items get damaged, you could be eligible to make a claim.
Fittings & furnishings: If items such as paintings, lamps, and furniture are damaged due to your Landlords neglect you could make a claim.
Other items: If your landlord did not perform necessary maintenance you can also claim for items such as destroyed bedding, clothing etc.

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