Japanese Knotweed

What Is Japanese Knotweed?

Fallopia Japonica or Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant with flat leaves and red stems. The plants can grow up to a height of four metres and spreads very fast.Japanese Knotweed isn’t native to the United Kingdom.

The plant came to the country in 1825 from Japan. The leaves are between 1-4 cm in length. They are dark and red. Young leaves are green with red veins in the middle. Mature leaves are green and heart-shaped and are 12 cm long. The stems look like bamboo. They become hollow when mature. The root of the plant has a brown exterior and golden interior. The plant blooms between August and September with white flowers. You need to identify the plant before making any claim for the spreading of Japanese Knotweed in your garden, imagery is essential to such claims.

Impacts Of Japanese Knotweed

The roots of the plant will reach three metres deep in the soil and spread seven metres in all directions. If Japanese Knotweed spreads onto your property boundaries, you may find it difficult to remove it. Even if you leave a small piece of root in the garden, the plant will regrow very fast.

Japanese knotweed growth is vast, with its roots being able to break through concrete. Japanese Knotweed causes structural damage to all types of structures, such as brickwork and drainage. Control of the growth is crucial to avoid such damage.


If you have invested in land with Japanese Knotweed, you are responsible for all liabilities associated with the spreading of the plant.
If the plant spreads to neighbourhood properties, you are responsible for removing the plants and repairing the damage to the neighbourhood property.
You may find it difficult to sell your land with Japanese Knotweed. Most lenders won't take the risk of buying such land.
Surveyors have devalued properties because of the spreading of this plant.

Who Can Claim?

If Japanese Knotweed spreads on your property because your neighbour didn’t control the plant on their land, you can claim compensation against the neighbour. When you are buying property, the seller should tell you if there is a Japanese Knotweed issue. If not, you can claim compensation from the seller for not legally providing such information initially.

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