Recovery of Care Home Fees

Recovering care home fees assesses the total cost of wrongly paid care home fees. The recovery is determined on whether the NHS should have covered the costs for these fees in the first instance.

If an individual was or is in the care of a care home due to mental or physical health requirements; the cost of their care should be covered by the NHS Continuing Healthcare funding scheme, regardless of the individuals net worth or personal savings – depending upon the circumstances.

Currently the Department of Health national guidelines on who qualifies are subject to interpretation by individual NHS trusts; which can be seen to be an unfair and subjective system.

Nearly half a million people live in care home across the United Kingdom. There are over 18,000 care homes currently in the UK, 70% of which are residential care homes while the remaining 30% being nursing homes. Approximately 85% of care home residents live in residential settings in England (2021). Source: here

There are many individuals/relatives/power of attorney that will wrongly be paying for care home fees and will be due a refund. There are instances were fees are being paid that should have been funded by the NHS. Even if the individual in question is no longer alive, these fees can still be reclaimed. If you are making the assessment or claim on behalf of someone who lacks capacity, you will need to be appointed as their Attorney or Deputy. If the person has capacity, they will need to ask for the assessment themselves.

You can only claim fees going back to 31st March 2012, unless you have already lodged a claim with the CCG before this date. (CCG – Clinical Commissioning Group). If you are making the assessment or claim on behalf of someone who lacks capacity, you will need to be appointed as their Attorney or Deputy. Claim values can be up to £40,000.00 in some circumstances.

Reasons For Claiming - NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding Decision

The decision made about you or a loved one and whether they meet the criteria. The decision is often open to interpretation and could be wrong.

Reasons For Claiming - Nursing Care Fees

Claim eligibility funding for the individuals health and care needs; which had not been provided by social services or provided full NHS funding.

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Recovery Of Care Home Fees

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